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Universal Food Fund

"Let's be Ambassadors of Kindness!"

We suggest that food collection days be organized, like the Food Bank's food collections. These collections will take place every first Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning (some supermarkets are open on Sunday morning) of the month - throughout the year, except in August - and will be organized by elected officials and other volunteer citizens. In each city where there are one or more supermarkets, citizens will be asked to collect foodstuffs at the entrance to supermarkets. This aims to help associations helping the most deprived.
This operation will be launched initially in France, and then extended to other countries around the world.
The collection of funds will be used to finance the operation of the Universal Food Fund in terms of logistics and employees.

The Association "The Universal Food Fund"

The Association "Le Fonds Alimentaire Universel" (Universal Food Fund) was created in Montpellier on September 4, 2023.
Its founders are Abdellah AJNAH (President) and Diana BOUAYAD AMINE (Secretary).

Purpose of the Association

The "Universal Food Fund" Association aims:

- to organize one or more annual action(s) of regional, national or even international scope, with the aim of promoting solidarity and/or raising funds. These actions may be cultural, sporting, social or in any area authorized by the laws in force;

- to work towards bringing together stakeholders in the areas of food aid and the fight against hunger and poverty, in order to define, implement and monitor any action aimed at aiding the creation and development of actions to combat hunger and poverty, the creation of a network of regional, national and international relations to promote and consolidate the exchange of knowledge, services and, above all, the development of projects in the field of the fight against hunger and poverty;

- to organize collections of food or any other useful product to help the population;

- to redistribute the collections to other associations which help the populations or directly to the population;

- to work to bring together elites and citizens;

- to promote culture, citizenship, politics, business, gastronomy, sport or any other social subject, in the service of humanity and citizens;

- to help populations affected by natural disasters or wars.

The distribution of funds will be as follows:

- Funds collected internationally will be donated to the Universal Food Fund, in order to finance actions in countries other than France.

- Funds collected in France, through actions carried out in France, such as the preface to the book "Passport to Citizenship", will be donated to the Universal Food Fund, France section.

Organization of the Association

The Association is organized as follows:
- In national sections representing the Association in various countries around the world.
- Each national section can organize itself into regional sections.
- The regional sections are organized into local, village, neighborhood, business and city committees, which decide on their operating methods and which are attached to their regional section.
- In Ambassador Clubs which have the title of Ambassadors of Kindness.
- The statutes of all these structures must mention that they are attached to the Association created by the two founding members and declared in Montpellier (Hérault Prefecture).
- The office of the Association created by the two founding members and declared in Montpellier (Hérault Prefecture) decides on the creation of national sections. The national sections decide on the creation of regional sections. Regional sections are created by citizen initiatives, provided they are created through the official website of the Association in each country and/or after agreement from the president of the national section.
- Each regional section is headed by a president.
- The office of the Association may dissolve a national section, a regional section or a local section, if it judges that it does not meet the conditions and goals laid down by the statutes of the Association.


A website has been created. It will be updated regularly. This project is available on the website.
For the sake of transparency, all correspondence will be made public on this website. We have a duty of clarity to citizens.

Financial transparency

We will call on an accounting firm and an auditor to control the accounting and finances of the Association organizing this event.
A financial control committee will be formed. Will be part of it:
- One representative per parliamentary political group in the French Parliament (National Assembly and Senate).
- A representative of the office of the National Assembly and a representative of the office of the Senate.
- Representatives of food aid associations in France.
- Representatives of associations of elected officials in France (Association of Mayors of France and Presidents of Intercommunalities of France, Association of Departments of France and Association of Regions of France).

Ambassadors of Kindness

"Ambassador of Kindness" is a title that binds and it is not an honorary title, unlike that of "Ambassador of Goodwill" which is a generic term sometimes used as a replacement honorary title or as a title of honor. 'honor. The Goodwill Ambassador is a person lending his reputation and name for a cause or an ideal free of charge, while the Goodwill Ambassador is not necessarily a well-known personality. Indeed, the title "Ambassador of Kindness" can be awarded to a simple citizen.
A Kindness Ambassador does not receive a salary or even a symbolic euro.
Our organization "The Universal Food Fund" is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. She will use Kindness Ambassadors to promote her programs and actions.
Kindness Ambassadors will be able to work with citizens on an international scale, but also in their restricted circles, such as their families, and with their friends. Children (schoolchildren, middle schoolers, high school students) will be able to have the title of Ambassador of Kindness. They will be able to act in their class with other students.
Elected officials may also be appointed Ambassadors of Kindness to act among their constituents.
Universal Food Fund Kindness Ambassadors clubs will be created. In each country, the Kindness Ambassadors Club will be chaired by a personality.
The title "Ambassador of Kindness" was proposed for the first time in the world by Abdellah AJNAH and Diana BOUAYAD AMINE.

Patrons club

We are going to form a Club of patrons comprising physical and moral personalities (companies, businessmen, artists, etc.) who we will ask to dedicate a greeting card for humanity and solidarity. We will ask these personalities to contribute financially to the Universal Food Fund.

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The Universal Food Fund

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- Abdellah AJNAH

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